Stapleton Consulting Limited

Chartered Building Surveyors

Clients Obligations

The CDM Regulations apply to all construction works, and place certain obligations on clients in particular in respect of Health & Safety matters.

Any works should not progress beyond outline feasibility stage without a CDM Co-ordinator to advise on the competancy of those apponted and ensure the clients obligations are correctly discharged.

Some of those obligations include :-

  • Ensuring the competancy of those appointed including designers and contractors
  • Ensuring adequate resources are available for the project
  • Provide all available relevant information to designers and contractors
  • Advise where further surveys or details are required to ensure works are undertaken safely
  • Notifying the HSE where works areĀ over 30 days duration or 500 person days
  • Reviewing the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  • Ensuring a suitable Health & Safety file is available on completion of the works

For further details and advice please do not hesitate to contact us.